About Me

Hi, I'm Erin. I’m an artist, a professor and a mom. I started making insert for my kids when America went in to lockdown. Since using these printable packs, I have seen both my kids develop in amazing ways. I am committed to self directed, independent play. I strive to create play environments that build a sustained love for learning.

Learning is self directedThe more free a little learner is to pursue their own interests, the more they will learn.  If a child’s interest is in building, then they will build- even if they have a math exercise put in front of them. The choice to build vs do the math assignment is often called “wrong”.  To help a builder learn math- provide them building exercises that use math. Unreachable demands truncates learning and increases dependence on rules and educators. (In practice, this looks like learners asking the educator “How do I…..” vs. saying “I can….”)

Learning is personal. Learner-created play-spaces are a phenomenal way to support a self directed learning journey…. But it doesn’t always make sense to me. I support the decisions my learner makes- even if their choices do not make sense to me. Or if it doesn't result in a photo ready play space.

Learning starts when we open our eyes. Curiosity and discovery are the bedrock of learning. I strive to create an environment that encourages wonder and builds curiosity.

Failure is success. Low stakes and very few instructions helps learners explore and experiment and FAIL! Failure is a natural part of moving forward with confidence.

Confidence builds. When a learning space supports, nourishes and builds learners, their confidence grows. And so do they.