Supplies for Practically Playing

by Kimberly Wallace

New around here? Welcome!

Let us help you get started with a list of your basic supplies.

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Printer Optional- You can print out using a local printing service 
When choosing a printer, decide if you'd like to use card stock, you will need a rear feed printer if so.  This printer is rear reed and can take tabloid paper, so you can print large inserts in one piece.
Copy Paper or  65 Pound Cardstock or 110 Pound Card Stock It's your preference on which you prefer 
Paper Cutter Use for cutting playing cards easily 
Laminator Optional- We are geared to keep play moving. You may not need to keep the inserts after they've been played with. Or you may choose to preserve them for future play and younger children. Day cares and preschools should consider laminating due to volume of children playing. 
Wide Format Laminator This is the best one I have found that is still in the affordable range for personal use. 
Rubber Cement  or Restickable Tabs for sticking inserts to support boards or into the doll house 
Self Healing Mat with Cutting Knife I use this after I laminate to cut out the holes, mouths and slots.
Removable Sticker Paper You can print your play rounds, or tiles on this instead of using Avery labels and hand cut them. This paper easily removes from your wood pieces when you're ready to change out the set! Make sure your sticker paper is removable like this or you will not be able to get them off. 


2 Inch Wood Rounds 100 Piece or 200 Piece  
Craft Sticks


Wrappable Stickers (inkjet) 

Light Play





Table Planner Use to help organize and prepare a month of tables ahead of time 





 Tabloid Printing Suggestions

Here are products that I love to use with Practically Playing Printbales

Tabloid Sized Printer

I love this printer! I have always loved Canon products and gotten great use out of them. 

This ink works in the printer above and it costs a fraction of the price of the big brand.

Epson Tabloid Printer

If you prefer this brand, Here is a wide format printer they make


Tabloid Laminating Sheets

Tabloid Cardstock

 Tabloid Printer Paper


Letter Sized Printing Suggestions

8.5 x 11 Cardstock

(Your printer must have a back feed to use cardstock)

8.5 x 11 Copy Paper


8.5 x 11 Laminating Sheets

8.5 x 11 Holographic Sticker Paper

I used my Cricut to Cut and Print PlayRounds and PlayTiles on this paper.

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