Shark Week

by Kimberly Wallace

Shark week is here and we have everything you need to have fun with it! 

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Print out a shark feeding table insert, ocean liner and constructables for a full play experience. Don't forget shark food they'll be hungry! 

You can find all the printables here:


My boys are 2 and 5 so I wanted to include both of them in our shark play.

I printed out the shark inserts, and play rounds. I put in an ocean liner and rice. Made stickers and stuck them on our Target Bullseye blocks and made a dice out of them. We rolled the dice to see which fish to feed the shark! My little guy enjoyed feeding the shark lots of rice as well. 


Complete their play with these findings 


Sharks and accessories

Large Sharks

Small Sharks 


Rainbow Magnetic Fishing Game  Pair this with the Shark 6 hole color sorting Insert 

Alphabet Magnetic Fishing Game Feed these into one of the sharks mouths 

Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game Feed into the sharks mouths 

Ocean Animal Figures



Paper Grass- You can get this from the dollar store in the party section

Rice I color ours with paint and hand sanitizer and shake up in gallon bags

Kinetic Sand 

Blue Scarf

Blue Water Beads This set comes with 26 sea animals!

Water Bead Kit Includes 4 medium sharks



Never Touch a Shark

Hello World! Exploring Sharks

Sharks  Smithsonian Discovery Kids Book

Save The Sharks

Shark Lady

Big Book of Sea Creatures

Sharks Beginnger book

Lift the Flap Sharks

Shark in the Park



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