Shark Week

by Kim Wallace

Shark week is here and we have everything you need to make playtime a splash! 

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 Dive into Shark Week: A Preschool Adventure in Ocean Discovery

Calling all young adventurers and ocean enthusiasts! Get ready for an aquatic adventure like no other as we dive into an action-packed week of shark-themed excitement during Shark Week! We're taking learning to thrilling depths with an immersive and engaging learning plan that will spark curiosity and ignite young minds.

In this mesmerizing world of sharks, we'll embark on a week-long journey filled with sensory play, alphabet recognition, and imaginative storytelling. Together, we'll explore the wonders of the ocean and its incredible inhabitants, encountering fascinating sharks along the way.

Join us on this extraordinary journey through the mesmerizing world of sharks, where young hearts are captivated by the mysteries of the deep blue sea. With the guidance of Practically Playing's incredible resources, including the Shark Mouth Flisat Bin Insert, Ocean Playrounds, Ocean Alphabet Poster, and Wrappables, our children will have the opportunity to bring the ocean to life. 

So, are you ready to embark on an unforgettable ocean adventure? Let's dive into Shark Week, where learning meets thrilling discovery, and where young minds are inspired to explore, imagine, and learn! The countdown to this oceanic extravaganza has begun – are you ready to join the fun? Let's set sail on an extraordinary journey filled with sharks, curiosity, and endless possibilities!


You can find all your shark printables here:


Introduction to Sharks and the Ocean

  1. Introduction:

    • Start off by discussing sharks and their habitat, the ocean. Show pictures and videos of different shark species.
    • Ask questions to encourage curiosity, such as "What do sharks eat?" or "How do sharks swim in the ocean?"
  2. Sensory Play:

    • Place an ocean liner in one Flisat bin you can add blue sensory materials (blue water beads, blue rice, or blue fabric scraps or scarves) to represent the ocean as well if you'd like. I added sand.
    • Add the shark mouth insert to the other side.
    • Add some toy sharks and sea creatures to the bin.
    • Let the children explore the sensory bin, feeling the different textures and engaging in pretend play with the sharks and sea creatures.
    • Feed the shark through the mouth
    • Add scoops if you'd like.



Complete their play with these findings 


Sharks and accessories

Large Sharks

Small Sharks 


Rainbow Magnetic Fishing Game  Pair this with the Shark 6 hole color sorting Insert 

Alphabet Magnetic Fishing Game Feed these into one of the sharks mouths


Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game Feed into the sharks mouths 

Ocean Animal Figures



Paper Grass- You can get this from the dollar store in the party section

Rice I color ours with paint and hand sanitizer and shake up in gallon bags

Kinetic Sand 

Blue Scarf

Blue Water Beads This set comes with 26 sea animals!

Please be careful with water beads and never leave child unsupervised with these or use them with a child you puts things in their mouth.

Water Bead Kit Includes 4 medium sharks



Never Touch a Shark

Hello World! Exploring Sharks

Sharks  Smithsonian Discovery Kids Book

Save The Sharks

Shark Lady



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