Sensory Play Basics

by Kimberly Wallace

Are you just starting your sensory play journey and don't know where to begin?

Sensory play doesn't require a fancy set up, it can be anything. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you're up to and there is no wrong way to do it. Here's a list of basic sensory items to be used with almost every set up.

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Wooden Tool Set All the basics tools needed for play. Comes with a storing tray that can be used for a play tray as well.

Fine Motor Tool Set Plastic- Dropper, scooper, tweezer and grabber

Rice Basic sensory play base. Can be used in almost every set up.

Beans Basic sensory play base. This link has a variety of black beans, pinto beans and small red beans. 

Sand (Not Kinetic) Real sand. Use for digs, beach scenes, construction zones, bug searches etc

Kinetic Beach Sand Use for all sand activities, use with play dough tools and small beach toys, dig for fossils or rocks, dinosaur lands, safaris, endless possibilities.

Basic Pom Poms 1 inch basic pom poms 700 count.

Felt Pom Poms 120 count, .8 Inch Sturdier and more durable than basic poms. Great for little hands to sort, post and push.

Loose Parts Use with Practically Playing loose parts inserts and playboards. Make shapes, use for sorting, posting or just add an extra touch to any play.

Stacking Rocks This set is choking test certified. Includes 40 large rocks. Use for fine motor skills, stacking, sorting, digging. 

Silicone Muffin Cups Use for color, letter or number sorting, baking play, loose part holders, pouring etc 

Colored Popsicle Sticks wooden craft sticks for sorting, crafting, posting, make fences, attach Practically Playing Playrounds to them. 

Pipe Cleaners Use them with play dough, to make shapes, faces, or letters, color sorting, place round cereals on them for fine motor skills. 


Have fun!  

Always supervise small children during sensory play. Do not allow them to put these items in their mouths. 


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