Secrets to Cutting Large Inserts in One Piece

by Kim Wallace

Mastering the Art of Printables: Essential Supplies for Cutting Large Inserts in One Piece

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Over the past two years, I have delved deep into the world of Practically Playing printables. This journey has been a treasure trove of creativity and endless possibilities. Throughout my exploration, I have discovered invaluable secrets and techniques that have transformed the way I print and cut large inserts. Today, I am thrilled to share my insights with you, revealing the essential supplies that will make cutting large inserts in one piece a seamless and enjoyable process. Join me on this exciting adventure!

1. A High-Quality Wide Format Printer:

The foundation of flawless large inserts lies in investing in a reliable and high-quality wide format printer. Personally, I have found the Canon Pixma to be an excellent choice. This printer produces crisp and vibrant prints while accommodating various paper weights and sizes. Additionally, it offers a rear feeding option that accepts cardstock, my preferred paper for printing. I Have found that using off brand ink saved me so much money, and I never had an issue! 


2. Precision Cutting Tools with Comfort Grip:

Achieving clean and precise cuts requires the right set of cutting tools with a comfortable grip. Extended periods of cutting through cardstock and lamination can strain your hand, so choosing tools with ergonomic handles is essential. Here are my favorite recommendations:

- Scissors: Look for scissors that provide a comfortable grip and are designed specifically for precision cutting. These will enable you to navigate intricate designs effortlessly.

- Craft Knife: A craft knife is perfect for cutting out holes, such as the 6-hole, mouth, or single slot inserts. Choose one with a comfortable grip and a sharp, replaceable blade for optimal cutting control.

3. Self-Healing Cutting Mat:

To protect your work surface and extend the lifespan of your cutting tools, a self-healing cutting mat is indispensable. These durable mats offer a smooth surface for cutting and are resistant to knife marks. Additionally, they feature grid lines and measurements, allowing you to align and trim large inserts accurately.

4. Quality Cardstock:

The choice of paper is paramount when printing large inserts. Opt for high-quality cardstock that is thick enough to withstand cutting and handling, even during playtime with children. Consider using matte-finished cardstock for an elegant touch. The weight and finish of the paper will contribute to the durability and visual appeal of your creations.

5. Laminator and Laminating Sheets:

Enhance the durability and protection of your large inserts by laminating them. A laminator, along with compatible laminating sheets, provides an extra layer of strength and resistance against moisture, fading, and bending. This makes it possible to utilize your printables during water and messy play sessions. Choose laminating sheets with a matte or glossy finish based on your desired aesthetic.

Mastering the art of cutting large inserts in one piece paves the way for limitless creative opportunities with Practically Playing printables. By equipping yourself with the essential supplies such as a high-quality wide format printer, precision cutting tools with comfort grip, a self-healing cutting mat, quality cardstock, and a laminator with laminating sheets, you will effortlessly bring your printable projects to life. Enjoy the process of seamless cutting as you embark on exciting adventures with your children and our interactive printables.

Unleash your imagination and immerse yourself in the world of Practically Playing printables. Let the joy of creativity soar as you witness the magic of your designs coming to life, one perfectly cut insert at a time.







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