Our Favorite Sensory Play Finds

by Kimberly Wallace

I never thought I'd be leaning into a Montessori lifestyle but here we are!

Over the past year I have slowly removed a lot of the toys with batteries in our home.  I did it more out of watching what was played with and what wasn't and it just made sense. There are a few left, and they are used and serve a purpose so I leave them. I am not an all or nothing person, you'll find organic vegetables and Oreos in my shopping basket, it's all about balance! 

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Anyway, back to toys!

Here are our favorites:

Loose Parts 

Used for so many things! sometimes I add them to a table just for an accent, sometimes the shape works perfectly to add to a table, they can be used for color sorting, counting, recipes, endless play! Put them out and let them decide what to do.

Silicone Rainbow

This has been through a lot in the last year! its been chewed on, taken outside, taken on vacation, in the bath, sat on, you name it we did it. It still looks great! Highly recommend having one.

Silicone Building Blocks

We have these from the same company as the rainbow and the quality is once again amazing! These are just fun. We use them for sorting and building. they're fairly new so we haven't dug too far into them.

Find all the color printables to pair here


Wooden Rainbow Sorting Board

Comes with Pom Poms Great set for a little sensory seeker. My 2 year old loves playing with this! He squealed the first time he saw it.


Magnet Tiles

A long time favorite! My son has been using these non stop for 3 years. They are a constant in our home, and now with Constructables, they are even more fun! Check out our constructables here



Bee Sorter

I had seen this one around for a while, and hadn't grabbed it. Shouldn't of waited! It gets played with more often than you'd ever think! 
Pair this with our bee products

Wooden Car Ramp

I take this out when I really need a minute. My boys love it. It is very entertaining to watch the cars go down the ramps. Pair this with our parking lot or race track inserts


Felt Poms

I don't know what it is, but I LOVE felt poms. I think I just like how they feel so much sturdier. They look great when added to a a bin set up. Great for little hands (of course supervised). These are the best quality out there.


Foam Soap

This smells amazing! My kids love when I take this out. We use it in the bath and outside in our table.


Colored Masking Tape

Seems weird? Try it. Cut some pieces and see what happens. I stick them in random places, or used for color sorting. They love to peel it off and stick it on.


Learning Resources Rock and Gem Surprise

Instant favorite! As soon as it was opened they were on it. Using the tool to crack open the rocks. You won't regret this one.

Playmobil Splash Park

I gave this to my son for his birthday. First of all, its huge. They love it. It holds a lot of water, so I laid down plastic and towels inside. It's probably best outside but I'm not ready to bring it out there yet.

Suction Toys

This is the set we have. Quality seems great, and it wasn't as pricey as some others. Fun to play with, we use them mostly in the bath.

Mushroom Sorter

Huge Favorite! I can't tell you why. My boys love it. My little one (2) adores this sorter. It's self correcting as each mushroom fits in a certain hole. 

Wooden Ball Sorter

Great for fine motor skills. My son was 19 months when we got this, and he got the hang of it real quick. 


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