**Mastering Cricut Print and Cut: Your Comprehensive Guide to Using Practically Playing Products**

by Kim Wallace

**Unlocking Print and Cut Magic with Your Cricut: A Comprehensive Guide**

Embrace the world of creativity and learning with Practically Playing and your trusty Cricut – a match made in DIY heaven! 🎨🔗 Whether it's for educational enhancement or sensory play, this dynamic duo presents you with an affordable and versatile avenue to transform your playtime experience as often as your imagination desires.

🌟 **Affordable Exploration:**
With Practically Playing's printable designs and your Cricut by your side, you have an affordable and accessible way to infuse novelty into your educational and sensory play. Say goodbye to monotony and hello to an ever-evolving play landscape that keeps your little ones engaged and excited.

🌈 **Playrounds of Creativity:**
Craft vibrant playrounds on sturdy cardstock that invite children to sort, match, and explore. These versatile circles of learning are ready to take your play setups to new heights.

🔮 **Transparency Film Magic:**
Print enchanting playtiles on printable transparency film and introduce your play to the wonders of light table exploration. Watch as colors dance and patterns come to life, adding a touch of magic to every learning adventure.

🧲 **Magnetic Marvels:**
Try out removable sticker paper on your magnetic tiles and bring Practically Playing's constructables to life in a whole new way. Construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct – the magnetic possibilities are boundless!

🚀 **Endless Exploration Awaits:**
The beauty of pairing your Cricut with Practically Playing lies in the endless opportunities it unfolds. Every project, every play setup, and every moment becomes a canvas for creativity, innovation, and exploration.

So why wait? Dive into the world of limitless play options with Practically Playing and your Cricut. Unleash the power of your imagination and embark on an adventure that sparks joy, curiosity, and learning at every turn. Your playtime will never be the same again! 🌟🎉🔗

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Video Tutorial  


Cricut Machine

First if you don't have a Cricut these are your options. I have both the Maker and the Maker 3 and I had the Explore at one point. They all are amazing machines, it's just a preference on what you'd like to spend and how much you will use it.

Explore 3 If you're not looking to do extensive Cricut projects this is the machine for you. 

Maker Great machine, does more than the explore easier to use.

Maker 3 Their newest machine I find it very close to the original Maker with a few tweaks. Great for all your project needs. 


You can make these on copy paper, sticker paper or card stock. The choice is yours on how you will play. Paper options can be laminated and you can use double sided tape or reusables tabs to stick to tiles or whatever you are planning on using. 

Copy Paper 

Removable Sticker Paper

Card Stock 



Laminating Sheets

Rubber Cement Use to adhere to tiles- removable 

Reusable Tabs 


 **Guide: Mastering Print and Cut with Practically Playing Products on Cricut**

 **Step 1: Gather Your Essentials**

- A Cricut machine.
- A computer or device with Design Space installed.
- A printer with color ink.
- The wonderful assortment of Practically Playing printable images.

**Step 2: Preparing Your Printable Artwork**

1. **Download and Acquire Your Images:**
- Begin by acquiring the Practically Playing printable images that align with your creative vision. These are thoughtfully formatted for use within Design Space. All Print and Cut varieties can be found HERE

2. **Integrate Images into Design Space:**
- Open the Design Space application.
- Initiate a "New Project."
- Click on the "Upload" option located on the left-hand menu.
- Opt for "Upload Image" and select the desired image from your device.
- Follow the on-screen cues to seamlessly import the image.

3. **Eliminate Background:**
- Select the uploaded image.
- Designate the image type as "Complex."
- Utilize the "Select & Erase" tool to skillfully remove any white background, retaining the solid shapes essential for cutting.

 **Step 3: Arranging and Sizing Your Imagery**

1. **Compiling Multiple Images:**
- On your Design Space canvas, upload all the images you intend to incorporate into a singular print and cut project.

2. **Group and Organize:**
- Select the collection of images by drawing a box around them.
- Group the chosen images together to maintain their cohesion.
- Arrange the grouped images in close proximity on the canvas.

3. **Centering and Adjusting Size:**
- While the grouped images are selected, access the "Align" option within the top menu and select "Center."
- Resize the grouped images collectively by selecting them and inputting (H) 9.25 inches by (W) 6.75 inches.

 **Step 4: Printing and Cutting Magic**

1. **Print Your Creations:**
- Located in the top right corner, choose "Make It."
- Opt for "On Printer" and configure your printer settings accordingly. Ensure your printer is ready with paper.
- Click "Print" and allow the images to manifest before your eyes.

2. **Execute the Cutting Process:**
- Position the printed sheet onto the Cricut cutting mat.
- Introduce the mat to your Cricut machine.
- Within Design Space, designate your material setting and comply with the prompts to initiate the cutting process.

3. **Liberate Your Images:**
- Upon the completion of the cut, gingerly detach the images from the cutting mat.

 **Step 5: Breathing Life into Your Cut Images**

- Congratulations, your Practically Playing images are primed for play and learning!
- Apply them to your chosen surface with adhesive, be it tape, glue, or suitable alternatives.
- Witness as your play area transforms into a vibrant realm brimming with educational and creative delights.

And there's more! To amplify your crafting experience, ensure you select the ideal paper for your project. Whether it's copy paper, cardstock, sticker paper (permanent or removable), printable magnet sheets, printable transparency film (perfect for light table play), or holographic sticker paper, the options are boundless. Fine-tuning the right cut setting for your chosen material might necessitate a bit of experimentation, but the outcome is worth the effort.

Share your triumphs and discoveries while utilizing the print and cut feature with Practically Playing products via the hashtag #Practicallyplaying. Let's inspire one another on this artistic expedition! 🌈🖨️🎨








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