Easter Basket

by Kim Wallace


Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate with your family and indulge in some treats. But if you're looking for ways to fill your child's Easter basket without relying on candy, there are plenty of fun and creative options to consider.

First, think about your child's interests and hobbies. For example, if they love art, you could include some new paintbrushes, watercolors, or sketch pads. If they enjoy playing outdoors, consider adding items like a frisbee, bubbles, or a jump rope.

Another great option is to include small toys or games that your child will enjoy. This could be anything from a puzzle or board game to a new stuffed animal or action figure.

Books are a great way to fill up their basket. This is a fun way to encourage a love of reading and help them discover new stories and characters.

Finally, consider adding some practical items to your child's Easter basket, like a new water bottle, a fun toothbrush, or some colorful socks. These items may not be as exciting as toys or candy, but they're still useful and can be a great way to add variety to your child's Easter basket.

I've gathered a bunch of ideas for you to fill your child's Easter basket with fun and meaningful items that they'll love just as much as candy.

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Egg Fillers

So many options that will fit into eggs that are not candy. Last year I did loose parts and after we were done collecting we used them for easter loose part play that morning. This year I'll be filling ours with small animal figures, play dough and temporary tattoos.


Sticker Art

I love these sets for the car or for restaurant. I keep them in our On The Go bag.



Keep their hands busy



Reusable Sticker Fun

Activity Magazines

Water Fun


Eric Carle Lover


Younger Books




Build a Sensory Bin

Practical Items

Building Block compatible figures


Block Building Kits

Take Along Play Sets



Baby Toys

Wooden Toys

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