Cricut Print and Cut for Constructables

by Kimberly Wallace

Do you have a Cricut and have no idea how to do a print and cut? Or are you thinking of purchasing one and would like a preview on what to do? Detailed instructions on how to use our constructables with your Cricut including a link to a video as well.

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Video Tutorial  


Cricut Machine

First if you don't have a Cricut these are your options. I have both the Maker and the Maker 3 and I had the Explore at one point. They all are amazing machines, it's just a preference on what you'd like to spend and how much you will use it.

Explore 3 If you're not looking to do extensive Cricut projects this is the machine for you. 

Maker Great machine, does more than the explore easier to use.

Maker 3 Their newest machine I find it very close to the original Maker with a few tweaks. Great for all your project needs. 


You can make these on copy paper, sticker paper or card stock. The choice is yours on how you will play. Paper options can be laminated and you can use double sided tape or reusables tabs to stick to tiles or whatever you are planning on using. 

Copy Paper 

Removable Sticker Paper

Card Stock 



Laminating Sheets

Rubber Cement Use to adhere to tiles- removable 

Reusable Tabs 


Print and Cut

Start by downloading the print and cut constructables file. Make sure it says print and cut as the regular file will not work in Design Space. 

Open a new project and upload the first sheet.

Choose complex for image quality.

Next remove white background with the background remover tool. 

Hit next and choose print then cut.

Once you have uploaded each sheet into Design Space, select all images and add to canvas.

Images will be too large to print and cut. Select all images and go to align and choose center. This will make it easier to size all at the same time. Once centered resize them to 6.75 inches wide by 9.25 inches high. The construsctables will now be sized perfectly to fit on your magnet tiles. 

Make sure to save your project. 

You are ready to print and cut! I like to leave the bleed button on because the cutting is not perfect. 

After printing each sheet place on your cutting mat. Make sure you are using a sticky mat as paper doesn't stick as easily as vinyl does and it will move when cutting. 

The trickiest part is finding the right cutting pressure. Each machine is a little different, each paper is a little different. There are options for copy paper, card stock and sticker paper. I do suggest playing around with what works best for the material you chose before hand. There Is a sticker cutting option, it will cut each piece out completely and not leave them on the sheet. 

That is it! You now have constructables cut and ready to use! Have fun! 

You've been warned- THEY ARE ADDICTING! 













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