All about me Print and Play Day

by Kimberly Wallace

All About Me Print and Play Day 

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This week's print and play day focuses on your child. Let's teach them how their bodies work, what they put on their feet, what goes on in the mouths, what their feelings mean, and about their senses.


Find all the printable products you need to put this play together here



The Color Monster 

Grumpy Monkey a personal favorite in our home!  

How Do I Feel board book

Can You Smell Breakfast?  5 senses book

Elmo Can! 5 senses

My Magical Choices

My Magical Feelings

My Magical Words

Find Your Calm

I Love You When You're Angry 

Me and My Body

Me and My Amazing Body

First Human Body Encyclopedia

Smithsonian Human Body Encyclopedia 



Melissa and Doug Magnetic Anatomy Set

Human Body Model

Operation Game

Large Anatomy Magnet Set

Plush Human Body Parts Set

Shoe Tying Practice Board

Tiny Toy Shoes

Pete The Cat- I love my white shoes game

All About Me Feelings Activity Set

Emotions Eggs

Wooden Expressions Blocks

Doctor and Dental Kit


Educational Shows 

Learn about body parts with Blippi

Learn 5 Senses with Blippi

Learn Emotions with Blippi

Name that emotion- Sesame Street

Story Bots- Emotions 

Human Body- Science for Kids

Cosmic Kids Yoga- Feelings

Cosmic Kids Yoga- Mindfulness about the senses

Cosmic Kids Yoga- The body scan meditation


Crafts and Activities 

DIY Emotions Eggs

Name that Feeling bin idea

DIY Emotions Paper Cup Craft

DIY Shoe tying activity 

Teeth Activities and Snack Ideas

Sniff and Guess Snacks







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